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Super Sculpey Living Doll Clay

Super Sculpey Living Doll Clay


Super Sculpey® Living Doll

Used by dollmakers, artists and animation studios worldwide, Super Sculpey® Living Doll polymer clay blends effortlessly and creates lifelike figurines with fine, realistic features. You can use Sculpey's® polymer clay to design dolls and stunning models alike. Our clay allows you to sand, drill, carve or paint the semi-transparent finish easily after baking. 

Benefits of Using  Living Doll Clay 

Super Sculpey® Living Doll clay is available in one-pound bars and three skin-tone options.  Living Doll polymer clay is made for smooth bending and remains soft and pliable out of the package. Other advantages of using Living Doll clay include:

  • A smooth baked finish that does not show seams
  • Versatile, flexible and workable qualities
  • Color and size that are retained when baked
  • Soft and incredibly durable professional-grade material

What to Make With Living Doll Clay

Living Doll Clay can be sanded, buffed, glazed and painted to create any design. Once you finish baking your Super Sculpey® Living Doll polymer clay, remove it from the oven to cure and cool. Once its cooled, sand and buff your doll or creation before painting and sealing it with a glaze. 

Purchase High-Quality Super Sculpey® Living Doll Clay 

Due to its fine detailing and tooling characteristics, Super Sculpey® Living Doll Clay is a popular choice among clayers and filmmakers all over the world. This professional-quality clay does not fill in after tooling and is revered for its ability to produce finely detailed sculptures. 

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