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Liquid Sculpey and Multipacks

Liquid Sculpey and Multipacks


Liquid Polymer Clay – Basics

Liquid Polymer Clay is a versatile product that can be used in bakeable silicone molds, to embellish clay, used as a grout, for window clings and more! After baking, Liquid Polymer Clay becomes a strong and unique crafting medium that can be used for home décor, jewelry, scrapbooking and beyond with endless possibilities. This multi-pack allows you to try three colors!  Each 1 oz. bottle comes with a twist cap for precise flow control – open completely to fill molds. Open half way for writing and other detail work.

  • Gently stir before using. 
  • Three 1 oz. bottles – Clear, White and Black.
  • Clear – The clearest liquid polymer clay available! Can be used as a coating to achieve a resin-like glazed finish. Add inclusions for a unique look - glitter, spices, flowers and more! 
  • White – Perfectly opaque – great for image transfers. Takes color beautifully when tinted with alcohol based inks or artists chalks.
  • Black – Deep solid ebony color without transparency. Perfect for crisp details in window clings and as a grout. Perfect for marbling with other colors for a unique look.
  • Perfect for use with oven-safe silicone molds.
  • Great for paper crafting, image transfers, jewelry, window clings, grout and more!
  • Excellent leveling properties which allow it to be baked in sheets and poured into jewelry findings. 

Tips for using Liquid Sculpey® Liquid Polymer Clay 

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Liquid Sculpey is available in 1 oz. (11 colours) 2 oz. (7 colours) and multipacks ( 4 different sets of 3x1 oz.)


ALSB02 Translucent:  Perfect for bakeable transfers and colour medium.  May be tinted with a small amount of oil paint to make a bakeable painting.  Add dry pigments, such as pastel, to create glazes and colour washes.

ALSGD02 Gold - AND - ALSSV02 Silver

High mica content provides the perfect sheen.  Suitable for all types of clay projects.  Grout for tiles, painting designs on clay, fill carving pieces and transfers..

 Pearl Liquid Sculpey 2 oz.

Also great for Sculpey Bakeable Molds or as a shimmer glaze. Tint it with alcohol based inks or artists chalk for remarkable results. 

Sculpey Liquid Bakeable Clay - Clear

  • New Clear is TRULY transparent
  • Allows perfect visibility of additives such as glitter, dried flowers and leaves
  • Can be used as a coating to achieve a resin-like finish within 20 minutes
  • Works perfectly with Sculpey Silicone Bakeable Molds
  • Can be colored with alcohol-based inks before or after baking
  • Holds a crisp, clear line when used with image transfers
  • Great for detailing miniature pieces and for “drawing” with clay
  • Available in 2 fl oz (59mL)
  • Perfect for using with molds and building by baking and re-baking layers*
  • Note: Clear Liquid Bakeable Clay will yellow with repeated baking
  • Available in 2 fl oz (59mL)

We also now have BLACK AND WHITE Liquid Sculpey1 oz. and  2 oz. 

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