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Bake Shop Clay Kits

Bake Shop Clay Kits


Sculpey® Bake Shop

Bake Shop clay from Sculpey® is pliable and easy to use, making it the perfect clay for young crafters. Babysitters, parents and elementary school teachers will watch kids light up with excitement when they experience Bake Shop clay. 


Why Sculpey® Bake Shop Is Ideal for Kids 

Whether you're a teacher inspiring the classroom or a parent introducing your children to a new hobby, Sculpey® Bake Shop is the perfect clay for kids. This clay will bring the whole family together — it's an excellent way to enjoy a family experience and create fun mementos of your time together. Bake Shop clay:

  • - Is safe, non-toxic, and lead and phthalate-free. 
  • - Stays soft until baked in your oven. Bake Shop clay feels like ceramic clay but does not dry out when exposed to air.
  • - Is easily manageable for small hands. Kids will not have trouble manipulating, shaping and molding Sculpey® Bake Shop clay. 
  • - Can be stored for reuse.
  • - Is great for a variety of projects, from figurines and holiday crafts to school assignments and free-form jewelry pieces.
  • - Comes in a variety of vibrant colors, including classics like red and blue as well as fun shades like hot pink and turquoise. We even offer glow-in-the-dark, eraser clay and even Bake Shop Light that floats in water! 
  • - Allows for more creation once baked and cooled you can glue, ink, sand, drill, carve or paint Bake Shop clay with Sculpey® Brand Glaze or water-based acrylics. 

What Can I Make With Bake Shop Clay? 

Spark creativity and fun in your home or classroom with Sculpey® Bake Shop clay. You can use Bake Shop clay to make:

  • - Trinkets or animal figurines.
  • - Pieces of furniture or decorations for a dollhouse.
  • - Fun jewelry or accessory pieces 
  • - Holiday ornaments or decorations 
  • - Gifts to give to your family and friends

Sculpey Bake Shop® Bendy Multi-pack 10 pc

Shape, build and sculpt creations that bend and twist without breaking, just like rubber!

  • Creations stay rubbery and bendable after baking.
  • Stays soft until baked – never dries out! Remains soft and flexible until it is baked in your home oven.
  • Extra clay can be stored and reused - won't dry out!
  • Safe and non-toxic! 

Set includes 8 - 2 oz. bars in White, Beige, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Orange, Green and Modeling Tool and Clay Roller


Baking Instructions for Bake Shop Clay

Bake Sculpey® Bake Shop clay for 15 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit per 1/4 inch thickness. An adult should complete all baking. 

For safety reasons, take care not to exceed the prescribed baking time or temperature. Bake Shop clay should never be microwaved.

Browse Sculpey® Bake Shop Creations on Our Project Page 

Whether you're looking for inspiration for a personal clay creation or simply would like to see what others have made with Sculpey® Bake Shop clay, we are happy to supply the resources! Feel free to browse our Sculpey® Bake Shop featured projects for ideas. Here you will find fun and easy projects! Perfect for all ages! 

Buy High-Quality Sculpey® Bake Shop Clay Today

Due to its malleability and elasticity, Bake Shop clay is a popular choice among parents and teachers all over the world.

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