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UltaLight Sculpey

Sculpey UltraLight.......The clay that FLOATS!!!


Sculpey UltraLight is a very unique clay from Polyform.  It is extremely soft and lightweight, yet it bakes so hard that it will not crack or break, even in larger pieces.

UltraLight can be molded, sculpted, stamped, or blended with other Polyform clays.

UltraLight can be  used as a base for large beads.  Covering UltraLight with Sculpey III or Premo clays results in a chemical bond, making the final project even stronger. 

On it's own, UltraLight is so light that it actually floats on water.

Veterinarians take note: This clay is excellent for creating those first paw prints of your furry patients for their loving owners.  Very soft, but extremely durable.


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