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Sculpey UltraLight.......The clay that FLOATS!!!

Sculpey UltraLight.......The clay that FLOATS!!!


Sculpey UltraLight®

Looking for a satisfyingly versatile, pliable, lightweight modeling clay to use for all your clay crafting creations from jewelry and household objects to mixed media and kids' crafts? There's nothing like polymer clay for flexibility, and when it comes to ultralight clay, Sculpey® has the perfect solution.

Sculpey UltraLight® is the most versatile member of the Polyform family of clays. As an ultralight polymer clay, UltraLight® is lightweight and extraordinarily soft but bakes so hard that it won’t crack or break, even in larger pieces.

  • Easy to Mold: Love to craft clay jewelry? This ultralight polymer clay works perfectly for creating beautiful pieces. As an excellent filler for polymer clay beads, Sculpey UltraLight® helps to keep jewelry – especially larger pieces – light and comfortable, as well as easy to mold.
  • Lightweight: Do you love making multimedia projects, paper crafts and clay creations? As the ultimate lightweight polymer clay, Sculpey UltraLight® stays flexible in thin sheets, making it great for paper crafting.
  • Versatile: When baked, hard clay can be sanded, drilled, buffed and painted with acrylic paints, allowing you extra room for creativity and versatility.
  • Armature: Sculpey UltraLight® makes the perfect armature for sculptures! It is smoother and easier to work with than aluminum foil!

Veterinarians take note: This clay is excellent for creating those first paw prints of your furry patients for their loving owners.  Very soft, but extremely durable.


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