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FIMO Effects

FIMO Effects


FIMO effect is a fantastic creative addition to FIMO soft and FIMO professional. This clay allows you to create some very special effects: depending on the colour you choose, your creations will look like real stone, have a mystical lustre to them or glow in the dark. Create some stunning effects that really have the WOW factor!


Colours/effects of FIMO effect:

  • Translucent colours for a semi-transparent look
  • Mica particles in our metallic colours create wonderful metallic effects
  • Gemstone colours create a transparent and lustrous pearl look
  • Fluorescent colours glow in the dark
  • Glitter colours add a touch of glamour
  • Items modelled from our stone colours almost look like real stone
  • Pastel colours are perfect for spring projects
  • Items modelled from our pearl colours shine almost like real pearl

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