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Super Slicer with Handles

Super Slicer with Handles


Sculpey® has designed its own innovative Super Slicer specifically for use with oven-bake clay. This tool is the cutting edge in crafting and customizing your oven-bake clay project of any type!

Customized Handles

The Super Slicer set includes three different types of blades, each with their own function. The three blades come with specially designed comfort handles. These are easy to snap on or off the sides of each blade to give you the best and most convenient hold while you work. The comfort handles protect your hands from the sharp blades and give you the most comfortable experience possible.

Different Blades for Different Styles

The three blades included in the Super Slicer Set are unique, and each one serves a different design purpose:

  • The long, rigid blade is used for straight cuts and edges. This blade makes it easy to create symmetrical lines or perfectly slice a piece of your polymer clay project. This results in a perfectly neat finished look while giving you the option to cut bigger pieces at one time.
  • The flexible blade is commonly used for curved cuts and edging. You can easily bend the blade to whichever curvature you'd like, without any extra strain on your hands.
  • The wave blade is best used for decorative cuts and edging. The fun curved edges give an interesting texture and look to every slice

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