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Magnets, Rare Earth, Packages of 10 & 40

Magnets, Rare Earth, Packages of 10 & 40


10 mm diameter x 3 mm thick, Nickel coated   

Super Strong rare-earth magnets (just like the ones we use on the hearts you receive when you order from us)

There are hundreds of uses for these magnets – from holding keys or wrenches on machines to making fridge magnets. Nickel plated with slightly rounded edges, they can be glued in place with almost any glue (epoxy is the most secure).

Rare-Earth Magnets WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Contains small magnets. Not for children under 8 years. Magnets should not be left in the hands of young children. Swallowing any magnet can be dangerous. Seek immediate medical attention if a magnet is swallowed or inhaled. Caution: Strong magnetic field. Keep magnets away from all electronic equipment or other items that have information stored magnetically. Magnets can corrupt stored data if placed too near. Handling Rare-Earth Magnets All of our rare-earth magnets are strong and should be treated with respect. Their attractive forces can cause loose magnets to unite with such impact that their edges can chip. To avoid damaging the edges, do not let them collide. The 1" magnets can actually pinch your hand hard enough to raise a blood blister if you don’t control them well. The ring magnets are fragile and, if they snap together, they may crack or break apart. Exercise care while handling ring magnets. The best way to separate rare-earth magnets is to slide them apart. With large ones (1/2" diameter and up), it may be necessary to drill a hole in a scrap piece of wood just under 1/8" deep and at least as large in diameter as the magnets you want to separate. Then you can use a scrap of wood to push all except one magnet away from the hole


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