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Texture Sheets

Texture Sheets


Sculpey® Texture Sheets

Geometric & Nature

  • Each pack comes with 2 reusable texture sheets 
  • Size 6 1/8” x 5” – perfectly sized to go through a pasta machine 
  • Each pattern is repeatable, perfect for making large sheets of patterns. 
  • Flexible EVA material 
  • Transparent color allows you to easily see where you are placing the texture 
  • Use mica powder before baking to highlight the texture even more! 
  • Wipes clean with soap and water


  • Large pattern –  Angles ,
  • Six smaller  patterns – Herringbone, Circles, Triangles, Clouds, Diamonds, Oval


  • Large pattern –  Pebbles  
  • Six smaller patterns – Wood grain, Dandelions, Floral Lace, Art Deco Leaf, Petal and Leaves


    Texture Sheets From Sculpey®

    The transparent, flexible material of the texture sheets from Sculpey® allows clayers to line up designs for a seamless pattern. Each package comes with two reusable texture sheets made from durable EVA material:

    • - Sculpey Tools™ Geometric Texture Sheets: Package of six small patterns, including Clouds, Circles, Triangles, Herringbone, Oval and Diamonds, plus a large Angles sheet.
    • - Sculpey Tools™ Nature Texture Sheets: Six small designs include Wood Grain, Leaves, Floral Lace, Dandelions, Petal and Art Deco Leaf, along with a large Pebbles pattern. 

    Hide Flaws in Polymer Clay With Sculpey Tools™ Texture Sheets

    Sometimes, flaws can crop up on your polymer clay creations, often seemingly out of nowhere. These imperfections can show up in the forms of small air bubbles, often called "The Bumpies," or fingernail dings and fingerprints. 

    By applying a uniform texture to the surface of your polymer clay creations, you can make your work look more finished, polished and professional — plus hide potential flaws. Using Sculpey Tools™ Texture Sheets on your clay creations works well to create a fine, intricate surface that camouflages unwanted marks. 

    Create Beautiful Pieces With Sculpey Tools™ Texture Sheets

    Thin and flexible, Sculpey Tools™ Texture Sheets are excellent tools for incorporating multidimensional decorative elements into all your clay creations. Texture Sheets from Sculpey® are sized for use with a clay roller or pasta machine for uniform application. 



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