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AS2035 Bead Maker

AS2035 Bead Maker


AS2035 - Bead Maker

Benefits of Sculpey® Bead Maker

Crafting your own beads with different designs and color combinations is an exciting and expressive process — but sometimes it's difficult to get that precise, round shape you aim for to give your jewelry a professional touch. With our oven-bake clay Sculpey® Bead Maker, you can maximize the number of beads you produce in a short amount of time while making sure each piece comes out the perfect shape and size. A fast and easy way to make uniform beads every time in a fraction of the time, this clay bead maker offers the following benefits:

  • Choose from 3 different size beads — 13 mm, 16 mm and 18 mm — with 3 precise molds for rolling.
  • Measuring cups guarantee a perfectly-sized, perfectly-round bead every time!
  • Our oven-bake clay B is easy to use and makes beads in seconds.

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