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Clay Activity Kits

Clay Activity Kits



Activity Kits

1.   Glow in the Dark Kit

The Glow in the Dark polymer clay kit lets kids make projects that really glow in the dark!

  • Great for glowing eyes, shimmering bugs, or fun glowing touches to any projects.
  • Rechargeable by holding under a light for a few minutes.
  • Set includes 4—1 oz bars of Glow-in-the-Dark clay: Glow in the Dark, Glow in the Dark Orange, Glow in the Dark Blue, Glow in the Dark Green and 2—1 oz bars Sculpey® III clay in Black and White

Ideas for Glow in the Dark Polymer Clay

Whether you're unleashing your creative wizardry with your kids or doing so with friends, you'll discover plenty of ideas for Sculpey® Glow in the Dark Kit, including:

  •        Fireflies
  •       Jellyfish
  •       Flowers
  •       Planets
  •        Monsters
  •       Zombies

2.  Amazing Eraser Clay Kit

Sculpey® Amazing Eraser Clay is the polymer clay that becomes a real eraser after it’s baked!

  • Fun and functional, this clay is ideal for  children.
  • Eraser clay can even be baked right on a pencil.
  • Amazing Eraser Clay can be molded, sculpted, stamped or patterned, just like regular Sculpey® clays!
  • Set includes 6 - 1 oz bars in Blue, Orange, Pink, Mango, Lime, Grape and 2 modeling tools

3.  Bake & Bend Kit

The Bake & Bend oven bake clay kit lets kids make projects that bend and twist without breaking, just like rubber!

  • Creations stay rubbery and bendable after baking.
  • Perfect for making jewelry, animal figures, dolls and fun shapes like coils.
  • Set includes 6 - 1 oz bars in White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Green and modeling tool



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