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Ultimate Sculpting Starter Set

Ultimate Sculpting Starter Set


Especially suited to beginners, the Ultimate Sculpting Starter Set from Sculpey® comes with everything you need to start creating your very own clay zombie. This beginner sculpting kit comes with four different Sculpey® clays, a video with step-by-step instructions for your project and tools designed for sculpting clay, such as armature wire, a metal blade and a roller. 


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About Our Sculpting Kit for Beginners

Are you ready to learn modeling basics from world-renowned sculptor Ace of Clay? 

The Ultimate Sculpting Starter Kit from Sculpey® comes with the following polymer clay brands:

  • Super Sculpey Firm™: Super Sculpey Firm™ is a dense, durable material with an incredible ability to bear its weight. Many crafters opt for Super Sculpey Firm™ over other materials when sculpting figurines or models that must be painted or made into molds. 
  • Super Sculpey®: Super Sculpey® is formulated specifically for sculptors. It comes in a few skin tones and neutral shades, holds detail well and has a semi-translucent finish. 
  • Super Sculpey Medium™: Super Sculpey Medium™ perfectly blends Super Sculpey Firm™ and Super Sculpey® for exceptional strength and flexibility. The material comes in gray and can be painted after baking.
  • Super Sculpey Ultralight™ for use as an armature: Super Sculpey Ultralight™ is versatile, soft and ideal formixed media, home décor and cosplay creations. 

Tips for Working With Polymer Clay 

Sculpey's® Ultimate Sculpting Starter Set comes with video instructions to help make your introduction into the sculpting world successful. However, you may want to start using polymer clay before you have time to watch the video. 

Here are 14 additional tips for sculpting with polymer clay if you want to get a head start:

  • Keep your work surface clean.
  • Build supports for anything bigger than an egg.
  • Condition your clay.
  • Start with basic shapes.
  • Cut away the excess clay. 
  • Make sure any clay pieces you add to your sculpture are clean and well-conditioned.
  • Keep your structure workable. 
  • Smooth the clay surface.
  • Sculpt and bake the clay in sections.
  • Put excess clay in a sealed container and store it in a cool, dark area when finished. 
  • Document your process.
  • Join a sculpting Facebook group that will help you along your journey.
  • Find artists to admire or follow - YouTube has tons of awesome sculptors sharing tips and videos! 
  • Share your work.

Learn How to Sculpt With Polymer Clay Using the Ultimate Sculpting Starter Set 

If you're just starting with polymer clay or have recently been introduced to Sculpey® clays, it's time to get excited! Perhaps you've spent a great deal of time making jewelry, creating holiday ornaments, planning kid's crafts or designing home décor items and want to try your hand at sculpting. Whatever the case, the Ultimate Sculpting Starter Set from Sculpey® will give you the tools you need to begin your sculpting journey and have fun.




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