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AS2024 Custom Bead Cores

AS2024 Custom Bead Cores


AS2024 - Custom Bead Cores, 50 pc

This 50 piece set of Custom Bead Cores gives you the chance to create customized bracelets to your heart's content. The unique two-piece core makes it simple to craft any size designer bead. Large or small, the polymer clay bead core will hold it sturdily and will easily fit onto standard charm bracelets.

Endless Possibilities

Beads can be made in multiple sizes, shapes and colors — and any design imaginable! You can make the bracelet of your dreams, create a matching set with a friend, or craft a customized, hand-made piece as a gift.

 One pack of premo! Sculpey® Custom Bead Cores enables you to make 25 beautiful beads.

Easy to Assemble

Custom bead core inserts are easy to assemble using the Sculpey® Etch 'n Pearl. These metal pointers pair well with the bead cores, allowing you to create different-sized beads and even etch minute details into clay pieces before baking.

The Perfect Gift for Ages 14+

Custom Bead Cores make the perfect gift for anyone ages 14 and up. Crafters of all backgrounds will love unlocking their creativity and personalized style.

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