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Customer's Showcase Page

Welcome to my Customer's Showcase Page

Come Share Your Talent - You know you want to!

Here you will find wonderful clay creations generously shared by my lovely customers. Some of these pieces are for sale by their designer, so please contact the artist personally if interested in one of their pieces.  Others have been designed as gifts for loved ones, or as encouragement to others. 


        Nanmade Pendant                           Nan Smith Heart                 

    Nan Smith - Check out her Etsy Shop     She's amazing!     Nanmade Jewelry


 Blog:  http://wirednan.blogspot.ca                                                                 

Flicker :https://www.flickr.com/photos/123887908@N06/?


    Winnies Dragon   

Winnie Ning's wonderful artwork.  Her 1st work 'the apple tree shadow box' was a gift for her mom for Chinese New Year.    Her 2nd work, entitled 'Meet again in the cloud' was for her uncle in memory of her dear aunt who's last name means 'dragon' in Chinese.  Great work Winnie!  What a wonderful tribute to your aunt.


Rhianon's Mice Cuties - Earrings she made for a friend.  Lucky friend!



Marilyn Mackays Christmas Ornaments with canes.  Gorgeous!

Marilyn Mackay's Canes 


Jane Leitch - Dollhouse characters.  Great job Jane!  Such great expressions!

Can't you just imagine how much your children or grandchildren would have creating their own little characters. 

        Jane Leitch's Dollhouse characters                 Jane Leitch's Dollhouse characters2


Mary Polito's granddaughter Portia's lovely creations. She makes characters for a story called 'Travel Buns'.   I bet she had a lot of fun using her imagination.   Go Portia....Go!

Mary Polito's Granddauter Portias work       Portia's Bug