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Christmas 2015 Secret Santa Gifts

Marie Remond Christmas 2015

  • Well, Christmas is over and once again the Redmond family have bestowed upon each other, unique homemade gifts from the heart.  This tradition started a number of years ago when we suddenly realized that we could no longer walk through our living room due to the overwhelming mountain of gifts.  It was actually becoming a health hazard.  We decided that at Thanksgiving we would draw names from a hat and present that person with ONE gift only.  My husband, Harold, who  obviously had waaaaaay too much of his homemade beer,  proudly and loudly proclaimed that we would have to 'MAKE' the gift.  I gave him one of my 'Are you crazy? looks, but he didn't acknowledge it.   Of course he didn't, because Christmas just 'happens' in our house.  No stress involved.......for him.  This year we invited Rob, a neighbour of our son Kev, over for Thanksgiving, so, once again, Harold piped up that 'Rob' would also be a part of this tradition.  Poor Rob, didn't see what hit him.  Although this was a 'Secret Santa' gift exchange, there seems to be a group theme of  'wood and booze'.  I guess great minds think alike.

So here are the gifts that we made, along with pics.

   Ryan with Tree Clock from Kev    Ryan with Tree Clock from brother Kev.

     Harold with homemade beer.  Husband Harold with homemade beer from son Ryan.  Notice how tightly he is clinging to that keg.

  Helen with wooden  planter   Daughter-in-law Helen with wooden planter from Harold.

  Lisa with pic of kids on wooden frame.     Daughter-in-law Lisa with photo of kids mounted on beautiful wooden plaque from neighbour Rob. 

  Rob with homemade Irish Cream  Rob with homemade Irish Cream from Lisa.

  Marie with scrolled wall hanging.   Here's me with gorgeous scrolled wooden 'Redmond' wall plaque from Helen.

 Kev with Spirit Tree painting        Here's son Kev with 'Spirit Tree' painting from me.  It's actually taken from a photo of a tree on his property that seems to have a definite 'face' on it.   Can you see it?

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