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Appliance Uprising!!!!

Marie Remond

Don't laugh...it's real.  Appliances seem to communicate somehow and stage their own demise, systematically, in my house.  It's never just 'one' on the fritz. They all seem to jump on the band wagon within a very short time span. .  If my granddaughter Jaeden is reading this.....STOP LAUGHING!  She finds it terribly amusing every time I complain about my appliance revolt. 

 Here is what is going on in my house, right now.

Refrigerator:  Creates its own babbling brook right across the kitchen floor and water meanders around the corner towards the front door. 

Coffee Maker:  Insists that the time is LLLLL o'clock, shuts off whenever it wants, and pukes coffee all over the counter, refusing to actually 'hit' the cup.

Dryer:  Yes, I know that it was second hand from the Re-Use store, but for that reason alone, you would think that it would be grateful for the reprieve from the landfill.  Nope, you either get your clothes 'rare' meaning no heat' or really 'well done'. 

Jenn Air Dual Fuel Stove:  Ahhhhhh, I remember the day we brought her home 25 years ago. She was the envy of all of my friends.  Gas top, 2 burners on the right, grill on the left, electric oven.  Now, just 2 burners and an oven.  I guess I burned too many steaks on the grill. 

Dishwasher:  It was only a couple of months ago that I was telling people how well my dishwasher worked.  Now we have a 'procedure' to follow or no go!  Load dishwasher, close door, push start, stand and look at the timer, which says 1:59.  The magic number is 1:58.  When 1:58 shows up....it's showtime!   Grab that door, pull it open, and then shut it.  Listen for water.  If you miss the deadline of 1:58, you get an E24 error, and you get to start all over again.  Fun or what?

Microwave:  Oh, I just want to cry.  My beloved LG Steam Chef bit the dust a couple of month ago. I used it every day.  Steamed veggies to perfection.   It was the only appliance that I would be taking with me when we sell the house.  It just stopped heating up.  No goodbyes.......nothing!  To make matters worse, it has been discontinued.  sigh

Toaster:  Stupid toaster!  All I can say about that is "I'm glad I like camping, because now I burn toast on top of the stove with a wire camping toaster."  For real.....come check it out.

Washer:  I almost forgot.  Bought it from the old Liquidation Store, here in Keswick.  Came up from Hurricane Katrina, as a special sale. Now it screams like a Banshee and does the Fandango across the floor.

I have a few more small appliances that I know will eventually join the ranks of the Electric Revolution.  However, I want them to know that, unlike them, I CAN'T be BROKEN.









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