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Web Site UP......Blood Pressure DOWN!

Marie Remond Marie Redmond Polymer Clay Canada Blog

  • It only took me 3 months to create a website that I foolishly thought would take a couple of days, at the most. Yah..right!   Perhaps for someone who is tech savvy, but for someone like me, it was TORTURE!  I'm sure that the 'gurus' at Shopify were drawing straws every time my name popped up on their screen.
  • I can almost hear them screaming..."YOU help her, I helped her half an hour ago!"
  • To the gurus at Shopify....I'm SOOOOO sorry.  I have a 65 year old brain, living in the 60's, and still wondering how the telephone works. Bless you.
  • Now, until the first order comes in, my blood pressure pills are in my pocket.
  • Enjoy your day and all of the wonderful experiences you encounter....life's too short.

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